The Current Global State

After the first year going through the so call new norm pertaining to COVID19 , one starts to sense the true seriousness of such a pandemic.

For the Nations that are able to tackle the issue in a diligent and mature manner , putting all the necessary measures both technically and socially progression in order, chaos has been slowed down to an extent.

Now for the layman, its a matter of survival, for small business entities, its a matter of sustaining profit and for big corporation its a matter of sustaining workers plus being able to keep afloat.

Now for Political leaders , it may be divided into two, One are the politicians whom are serious in containing the pandemic and the social integrity of its citizens. There are another group whom are more concern in maintaining power and position. If one where to take a glance of all political factions through out the globe one could probably detect the categories of politician mention above.

The most intriguing part about the whole global situation as per nation is actually the ability to sustain calmness of its citizen and to avoid overall citizen panic. Many mature politicians opt for the method of “promise anything’ so long as national peace and non panic exist . Mainly for the reason of citizen trust and confidence. This is actually a must especially in such times, although very dangerous as well. If citizen start to see promise items , or huge budget for relieve was not truly provided, then dismay and despair will, i repeat will, eventually creep up on that nations governance body deeming it untrusted worthy.

So no matter how cool any minister or ministry portrays himself or itself then if such promises deemed false occurs, the result would be an overall emotional eruption towards the current situation of controlled order.

Now, how does citizens detect such behaviour from the stated statement above? Basically easy. The actions portrayed by the organizations defined, and is to be under the state ministry, which was the one having given promises towards its citizen, is measured by its efficiency and trust worthy by method of public relations. When that fails in any organization, trust will also degrade. In other words , citizen trust towards , the specific organization and indirectly, the promises of the governing body decays and the result will be prominent.

If this is detected early by the citizens then obedient towards rules by such governing body becomes invalid due to the fact that people are in desperation for survival. The first members to go will be the front liners and the worst dangerous situation is when the military , police and health personnel follows as well.

An item to ponder , for now humans may start to believe in the divine ….. anggoron longing for fresh air

The End of Times


It is known that the true nature of man starts to prevail in truth when life is in desperation. Those of faith which truly commits and those “of earth” which truly seeks. Of whatever belief, one cannot deny that in such situations, the moral values and humanistic traits will disappear. It is by this pretext that humans leaders should “strive to avoid” such states.( extreme out burst of infections ) The arguments from those at bay cannot be argued on logic , actions or response to those individuals in conflict.

Many nations are now facing the wrath of the pandemic. Many nations too, have laid the ground foundations of required SOP. The sear volume of cases at hand would make it almost impossible for citizens of any country, to truly abide in perfection to all SOP at placements at various states. Although this may be the case but individual actions such as wearing of face mask , distancing and consciously try to disinfect ones, self is of no excuse.

Then there is the issue of vaccination. This is a great lesson to all countries that have not the capability of medical research. This indirectly shows that a strong foundation in the sciences is a must to all countries insuring to become independence in science and not totally dependent on advance nations for answers. The issue of vaccine is an article on its own.

It is also known that many nations are more aware in acknowledging people within their organization that is well verse in planning and are able to potential foresee outcome of well thought objectives. These people are the main masterminds and consultants to the specific leaders. They are not concern with themselves but are more concern to problem solving towards objectivity of a peaceful state and with financial efficiency.

The biggest question is how does a government obtain such unique people ? These people has a gift of empathy whilst having very strong analytic skill. But how can such characters be available? Another such characters that is of much in need for developing nations , are characters that have good sense in obtaining the right candidate for a particular task. In current times the hardest character to find is that whom is truly trust worthy and has strong human virtues.

Let us take a glance of recent global happenings that could be indications of human movements for further considerations.

1) covid19 – tolerant limits to front liners

– financial woes for gov and


– infrastructure limitation.

– political and economical state

2) No validity of UN and PBB power since a collected consensus of nations can be veto by certain countries.

3) The handling of Israel – Palestine conflict

4) The handling of Myanmar Rohinya issue

5) The Disrupt behavior of powerful countries like China and United States

6) The undignified military movements of certain nations although the globe is facing a pandemic.

7) South China Sea issues

8) Intense Space exploration activities in the sciences for countries that has such capabilities.

– space travel

– space colonization

9) The clear indication of current divisions.

– pure Zionist traits of a nation

– mixed communism and capitalism

– radical capitalism

– total Islamic unification globally

10) Regional segregation

– middle east ( Islamic nations divided)

– Israel and Europe

– China expansion

– south east Asia is behind in the sciences

– Society of rich and powerful to those in poverty.

11)The movement of global social and political influences.

12) The High impact of Information Technology , its direct contribution to modern day generation and future employees. The current new way of life ,a similarity to total control and command.

13) Extreme change of human character under individual or house hold isolation

When Improper Planing Occurs during Vaccination Roll-out


The signs that clearly shows havoc during vaccination implementation

1. The public has not been clearly and technically brief on what is going into their body. The public too has not been informed in how such vaccine was able to be produced in such a short span of time. The public is not given adequate and confident information with regards to, from which specific location and details of production of the specific premise the vaccine was obtained.

2. The location of all centres of vaccination and vaccine used in such centres in all state is not clearly provided. The Maximum capacity per day of such centres with in SOP restrictions. The main personnel at the centres that fall under the government, private or volunteer doing the injections.

3. The fact that there are occurrence of old citizens above 70 whom has to travel beyond his/her regulated district to get vaccinated acknowledge lack of data familiarity concerning local citizen distribution per village,district and county. The even worse occurrence is when elderly husband and wife are from the same home address (verified via latest known information) are separated and need to attend different vaccination centres on different days at different times (this is the worse that it can get and purely acknowledge the current governing organization is in panic) . Indirectly asking elderly to cross district during MCO. The fact that a country has been independent for so long but yet unable to cross reference current data of a specific individual using all government legal departments where all public citizen interact denotes complacence in all aspects and degree’s.

4. last but far the least is the implementation of an on-line application when in all aspect can never met up with the current interaction volume, thus denoting an add-hock approach to just cater for presentation purpose only . The foreseeing of such application during emergency time should have been implemented years ago. The fact that public citizen inquiries towards implement ions or problematic issues either it be on registration, application login and etc, are far from desired in automation or technological wise.

Anggoron does not see much progress in both maturity , objectivity and visionary in nature.

But let it be .. since a pandemic is still a pandemic so be thankful of what is at bay.

The Manifestation of Communism in COVID19 Global SOP

A lay-back discussion , this it will be. So do not take such seriousness in the following written works;

Lets talk, as a drastic measure during an up-rise in the COVID19 cases in most nations, a strict SOP is normally implemented. The interesting thing about this, is that, it resembles the way in which a communist nation might be normally managed.

Lets take a look at the similarities, as listed below.

  1. Stay at home, means that you are basically dependent on the government although you may still do on-line activities.
  2. Are not allowed to attend large social gatherings, the most prominent of these is the inability to attend religious activities. And this is directly stated during such phases of COVID19.
  3. All citizen are required to register on a government mobile application stating your whereabouts.Thus also inputting personal data in, for government monitoring.
  4. obedient citizens will be rewarded whilst non obedient citizen will be punished (Fines)
  5. Movement across state must be notified to authorities.
  6. Total obedience towards supreme head.

So in a way, your actual freedom has been minimized, and is to be monitored by authorities. Although the current SOP do mimic the way of how communism might control each individual citizen, on the pretext for the good of the nation and its citizens. Exactly like the drawn SOP for COVID19 infected areas and deem “Red Areas” or high infection areas.

Take note , these similarities could in actual fact be the future norms of society, thus giving more control to the government over its citizens. The hardest to be hit are the young generation, where in their vocabulary there is no longer the words off, outdoors, sports, social mingling and religious gatherings. They would probably be spending more time gazing, either a large monitor or a small mobile screen, spending 80% of their lives to such activities. May this not become a reality. The old ways , the etiquettes and the refined qualities of a so called civilized human being, may no longer be real but instead a myth.

Ironically, as more citizens experience such lock downs and realize that, the duration spend indoors is inversely proportionate to income growth ,then more do they intend to open up their outdoor businesses normality. Despite the increment in COVID19 cases. Again an ironic twist of fate.

Then arise the two shadowing traits amongst the global human beings. One follows the divine as it is ordained whilst the other strives on the aspects of the so called reality. Been said that, Death itself is too, a reality.

Anggoron just lying back and contemplating the days of a state lock down.

Proving Democracy Works – Its Citizens Attitude and Actions

Global main stream  media scenery has much pounced on the issues pertaining to covid19 societies feedback and response towards the current harsh measures being implemented by various governments throughout the global nations. Some even make comparisons toward the  two distinct political system of democracy and communism.

One thing is for sure .. religion doesn’t go well in communism.

But that’s not the item at hand.

People under the two system react differently under instructions requested by each government. Why?

This is the first time , rather then giving my opinion .. i have decided in putting forth a question.

Anggoron …mingling with the mind..




When all global nations business entities are bought out.

It is now a known fact, that all nations through out the world is in challenging times.

Especially to cater for job losses of all its citizens. Each citizen is thinking as an individual which is not wrong since they all need to feed members of their family. Many of these people who work in various companies , especially in the private sector . Small to medium companies and maybe some big companies are facing decisions deciding the fate of the company and its workers.

The current situation is conducive to any entity, either an individual, a company or a nation having ample financial standings to purchase any company throughout the globe located in any nation. The purchase of these companies is deemed valuable in the long run. And such purchases would be considered helping any nation to which such companies are based in. Why? the simple answer is they inject funding into the new acquired company thus insuring sustaining its workers indirectly giving secure employment to the individual nations citizens. (deep analysis to such action is more than just that, implications to social,security and embodiment of philosophical ideology is possible as well.) In other words “i have just gain territorial ground in another nation.” The dangers of this is, imagining that only one such entity is obtaining huge numbers of strategic companies located all over the globe in every single nation for a good price.The worse part is, that all such companies are in desperate situation thus releasing their company is the only option in means to help its workers which indirectly are the citizens of a nation in distress (covid19 pandemic). Now can one see the overall picture.

Governments of each nation having their own priorities , own political system, own budget and debts have limited options, it would almost be impossible to cater for every single citizens need of their nations, especially if the pandemic extends to 1 to 3 years. Hopefully less, and hopefully not longer.

Expanding the basic concept of the above not only hits the nation directly but indirectly drives a nation in to the predicative corner of desperation. And this degree of desperation is dependent on the degree of political stability, financial health and intellectual maturity of each nation. Such current state (pandemic) cannot go for a long duration.

Therefore the true priority is obtaining the medical solution(vaccine,cure,etc) as quick as possible before real financial state worsens. This pandemic is a paradox with an all in one vicious circle hitting all sides of a nation to drag it into desperation of requiring liquidity to keep afloat. And the angle approach was to hit the pockets of each nations citizens first .

An abstract from anggoron’s thoughts.








Global Commitment to COVID19 Pandemic

The time of unity is the only means in stopping covid19 and insuring the global community survives.

Items to take note

Global Infection above 1m
Death above 70 thousand
Global nations mostly infected
Cure vaccin time frame – 1-2 years
Symptoms – Available identified and rechecked

Required items globally

Global Nations SOP
Military Style command and control required
coordination at global and national level
Own isolation
Stay at home
Far Distancing
Lock-down (vital)
Border – Regional, nation, state, county, district and towns – strong control and data analysis implementation (vital)
Identification of incremental per area stats
Infected,isolation,containment, network close proximity tracing, cluster identification, detection, restriction

Nation domestic impact
assurance of Cash Liquidity for citizens
assurance of Food distributions
Medication availability
Basic utilities – Water , electricity , Roads
Mental state of citizens – Fed Gov feedback required

Action Possibilities

European Group – pull together (one location produce all required items) – much capability
Asia Group – pull together (one location produce all required items) – moderate
Africa Group – pull together (one location produce all required items) – moderate
USA – pull (all states) together (one location produce all required items) – much capability
Middle East – pull together (one location produce all required items) – moderate
other regions – all pull together
Assets at disposal
Global scientist / thinkers / philosophers / leaders / medical experts
Global Supply
Global analysis
Global Communication
Global Ideas
Global Trillionares

global companies
Food Production
Mask Production
PPE Production
Ventilator Production

Finance / Debts / Loan – Globally Coordinate

others to note
Global Intel movement
Global Security Boarder
Communication and data security
Business Aptitude (markets)
Control and contain incoming issues of pandemic

to produce , ample ventilators,ppe,mask for regional and global usage
to find a cure – in 6months


Real Time Data of COVID19 cases at each district in each Nation is required for Citizens Viewing.

It is a imperative that real time covid19 data cases in each district OF EVERY NATION  be available for public viewing. Indirectly giving sense to the seriousness and awareness towards public attitude and readiness. It is also important that borders that are easily access be closely monitored especially by the military.

Kudos to all Nations , front liners and the global society and communities both public and corporates entities   on working together to battle the virus.

It is now time to realise how essential peace and progress in technology or sciences at a global scale is much more essential than political  conflicts.

May the all mighty save us all and make us a better race in days to come.


Previously Anggoron stated the poor telecommunication services in the village.

3 days later , a PBTS was mounted to solve the issue.

This is what you call professionalism, maybe because its an international company or lead by an international figure. Any how  , good job.

A point to ponder , would it not be better if before citizen realize that poor service is in occurrence in their area  that the telco’s had solved the issue a head of time?

– to foresee potential happenings,  may lie on the degree of details derived from a particular state or situation! – pondering thoughts via cup of tea..

next week …. if Malaysia has a new coalition in governance what does one think the global citizens might want to ask?  I believe the most important question is ? Will all the elites that has done wrong be allowed to be in power again? If so , the previous ELECTION  was a waste of the peoples tax money. (to be continued)

anggoron is eager to write more….